The Iron Cafe Banners

New for 2018 is the Wrought Iron cafe barrier screens. Manufactured in 1200 centres, the wrought iron cafe barriers give a little more individuality to any establishment. Wrought iron is a very low carbon iron alloy that is strong and malleable. Our wrought iron cafe barriers are all made to order and can be adjusted or modified to suit your design. The panels can be backed with foment or to retain the visual impact from both sides, a clear acrylic screen can be added to the reverse side maintaining a windbreak effect. Alternatively the wrought iron design can be left using it purely for demarcation and visual impact. Not only are our wrought iron cafe barriers finished in an electrostatic powder coating in compliance with BS EN ISO 13438 but also the thickness of the’s powder coating is 80 microns which exceeds the industry standard of 60 microns. 

Wrought Iron Cafe Banner


Other Wrought Iron Cafe Barrier Images

Simply hook the iron panel into position The wrought iron cafe barriers


Wrought Iron Barrier Screens

Shown above are other standard designs that we currently offer within the wrought iron cafe barrier range. If you have your own design of a wrought iron panel that you would like manufactured, please contact our sales department on the number below.

The wrought iron cafe barriers are compatible with all of the brandline cafe barrier posts.


Wrought Iron Cafe Barriers - Other Models & Dimensions

The images below show other standard panels available which are compatible with the Brandline cafe barriers.

Standard Wrought Iron Design Wrought Iron Cafe Barriers Wrought Iron Alfreso Cafe Barrier


The image below shows the dimensional data for the wrought iron cafe barriers.

Wrought Iron Cafe Banners dimensions


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