The Advanced Cafe Barrier Post

The Advance Cafe Barrier Post is one of our most popular cafe barrier stands. Manufactured in Marine Grade Stainless Steel with a solid 18 Kgs total weight. The cafe barrier head is of solid construction as are the top and bottom loops. The tube is supplied in a semi-polished finish giving a classic appearance which will last for years to come. The cafe barriers' lower ring is floating allowing the banner to bellow in windy conditions, thus reducing the risk of the barrier system moving. The height of the lower cross beam is calculated to act as a tapping rail for the visually impaired. The Product is supplied, unless otherwise stated, in a semi brushed finish. This avoids dangerous glares and reflections. The top of the post is flat and 51mm in diameter.

The Advance Cafe Barrier Post from Brandline

Cafe Barrier Bases Available

Sometimes free-standing bases are not adequate for the application you are looking for. Brandline products has several alternative cafe barrier bases that can be substituted for the standard free standing base. The most popular is the floor socket cafe barrier base. As well as the floor socket cafe barrier, we also offer the surface mounted, magnetic, and the heavy weight. As we are the manufacturer, we can design and manufacture any base you require.


The floor socket cafe barrier post for a removable solution. The surface mounted post for a semi permanent solution The magnetic base.


For dimensional data and application of the additional cafe barrier bases, please call the office on the number below where our sales department will be happy to advise you of the best solution.

The Advance Cafe Barrier Post

Please select an image below to see an Advance Cafe barrier installation.

The Advance Cafe Barrier Post with canvas banners The Advance cafe barrier post in location The Cafe barrier system using the advance post A Floor Socketetd Advance Post


All of the above images are Advance cafe barrier posts supporting canvas cafe banners. All cafe barrier posts are guaranteed and have been tested to ensure they are corrosion resistant.

Want something different? - Try having your cafe barrier post wrapped.

Using high advesive vinyl, we can apply any artwork to any cafe barrier post which has a stainless steel tube. The Standard, Advance, Original or the Clasico cafe posts can be used. Send us your art work and we can wrap the post and make your system truly unique to your venue. From a simple logo to a more detailed pattern the wrapping system provides a special look.

The Advance Cafe Barrier Post with vinyl wrapping The Advance Cafe Barrier Post with a leaf wrap. The Advance Cafe Barrier Post with canvas banners The Advance Cafe Barrier Post with canvas banners The Advance Cafe Barrier Post with canvas banners


All of the above images are Advance cafe barrier posts, however, any post which is stainless steel can be utilised


Most Popular Models

The three cafe post models below are our most popular stanchions. All three are manufactured in marine grade stainless steel at Daventry in the UK.

Engineered by Brandline

The Advance Post

Our Most Popular Cafe Barrier. The Advance post is manufactured in 316 stainless steel. It is supplied in a semi brushed finish.

Created by our Clients

The Classico Post

A solid stainless steel post that look in place for all applications. The spherical head is manufactured in solid stainless steel 316..

Manufactured in the UK

The Original Post

Elegant, traditional and regal. The Original cafe barrier post is a popular alternative to the common stanchions that are usually seen in the market place.


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