The Classico Cafe Barrier Post

The Classico Cafe Barrier brings the traditional sphere headed post to our range. Popular at classic functions, the classico post has been present throughout time. Like the other Brandline Cafe Barriers, the post has been developed for use both internally and externally. The Marine grade stainless steel construction enables you to use the barrier in all types of weather. The stainless steel upright is manufactured from one of the thickest tube n the market making the entire post virtually indestructible. A slight brushed finish to the post ensures that "glare" is avoided. The lower ring is designed to allow the cafe banner to bellow in high winds, thus avoided extreme wind resistance and making the system more stable.

The Classico Cafe Barrier Post


Bases Available

The three models below are our most popular models of cafe barrier bases. All three are manufactured in marine grade stainless steel.

The free standing base

Free Standing

Our Most Popular Cafe Barrier base. The free standing base cover is manufactured in 316 stainless steel. It is 340mm in diameter and weighs, as standard 18Kgs gross weight.

The floor socket cafe barrier adapter

The Floor Socket

When you are looking for a small footprint and light weight posts, the Brandline Floor Socket system provides the perfect solution.

The surface mounted base

The Surface Mount

A very small footprint of 110mm, the cafe barrier surface mount post is a semi-permanent fix for the Brandline systems, A stainless steel cover hides the screws.


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