The Standard Cafe Post

The Standard Cafe Barrier is new for 2018. Manufactured in 304 stainless steel with stainless steel components and a solid 18 Kg's total weight. The cafe barrier head is of solid construction as are the top and bottom loops. The loops on these cafe posts are 8 way as opposed to the standard 4 way and are laser cut as opposed to machined. The components are supplied in a semi-polished finish giving a brushed appearance which will last for years to come. The cafe barriers' lower ring is also floating allowing the banner to bellow in windy conditions, thus reducing the risk of the barrier system moving. Now in stock.

The Standard Cafe Barrier Post

Machined Sub-Components

Unlike other low cost cafe barrier posts which utilise cast and chrome components, the Standard posts from Brandline Products are machined from solid 304 stainless steel. Guaranteed against corrosion and built to last, the Standard post will last for years to come.

The Standard Cafe Barrier Utilises Machined Products.
A close up of the top loop shows the machining lines.
The top and loop of the machined standard cafe post.

Want something Different? - The Wrapped Cafe Barrier Post

Sometimes you may want a different look to those cafe posts that are already on the market. The Brandline Products wrapped post allows you to do this. Call the office on 0870 760 5552 for more details.

The Standard Cafe Barrier can be wrapped to your design
The standard cafe barrier post wrapped
A selection of wrapped cafe barrier posts - the Standard


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