The Cafe Barrier Cross Beams

Our Cafe Barrier Cross Beams are the strongest on the market. The cross beam ends are manufactured in Stainless Steel and the beams are supplied in 25.4mm x 3mm aluminium tube. As standard we offer the cross beams in 1.2M, 1.5M, 1.8M and 2.0M lengths. However,as the tube is cut to size in house, we can manufacture them at any length you require. Our products are manufactured using a turning process rather than the much weaker casting process that many competitors provide. They are attached to the cross beam using stainless steel fastenings to avoid corrossion. Our cafe barrier beam ends incorperate a patented trigger mechanism which avoids accidental release..

The Cafe Barrier Beam Ends.



Finishes and materials.

The cross beams are supplied, as standard, in their natural finish. They can, however, be supplied in various finishes to match their surroundings. Speak to a Sales advisor on the phone number below for more information.


The largest reported failure of Cafe Barrier systems is the cross beam ends. Our Cafe Barrier cross beam ends are guaranteed and are covered in the banner warranty. Brandline Products are the only company that are confident enough in their products to offer this.

Subway Cafe Barriers




For more information regarding the Brandline Cafe Barrier Cross Beams, please call the office on the number below.


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