Parasols The Commercial Parasols

Our extensive range of commercial parasols, umbrellas and sun shades are all fully corded, the 4-pulley system enables easy opening, available in seven colours and various shapes & sizes. All parasols are Scotchguard treated with rain and stain treatment .

The Commercial Parasols

The Aruba 2.5M Parasol

Stainless Steel frame with push mechanism.A thick 300 gsm, grade 6 UV resistant polyester canopy. 48mm Mast in stainless steel. Prices from only £350.00

The Classico Cafe Barrier Post

The Peppard 2.1M Parasol

A more traditional octagon parasol. Complete with a hardwood hub & frame with pulley system, Stainless Steel Fittings. Available in 12 different colours 2.1M.